Assessment of war effects on the publishing activity and scientific interests of Ukrainian scholars

  • Received August 3, 2022;
    Accepted September 2, 2022;
    Published September 5, 2022
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    Volume 6 2022, Issue #1, pp. 27-37
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This paper highlights war effects on publication activities and scientific interests of Ukrainian researchers. Moreover, it presents the moods and motives of Ukrainian scientists regarding their scientific activity and the publication of their results in academic journals. The research method was a survey (Google Forms) distributed through Facebook professional groups “Ukrainian Scientists Worldwide,” “Ukrainian cuisine of scientific publications,” “Scientific Conferences and Publications,” and “Higher School and Science of Ukraine: Disintegration or Blossoming?” 690 Ukrainian scientists took part in the survey. Only 35.7% of the respondents stated that the war did not affect their research process. Results from respondents demonstrated that 27.7% of the respondents changed their scientific interests because of full-scale Russian aggression. Furthermore, scientists have psychological problems due to the loss of home, relatives, and relocation. The survey showed that motivation for publishing scientific articles varies from informing colleagues of their scientific results, scientific interest to motives distant from scientific values – “fulfillment of the requirements of the institution where I work,” “I do not want to be fired,” etc. 20.0% of the respondents noted that they had not got any motivation for scientific activity and publishing. At the same time, most scientists consider state security, debunking the propaganda of the Russian Federation, economic development, military medicine, ecology, education, social sphere, and agriculture to be the leading research areas. They also see the need to raise public awareness of the role of science and synchronize current multidisciplinary scientific research.

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    • Figure 1. Answers to the question “How exactly did the war prevent you from conducting scientific research?”
    • Figure 2. Motivation for publishing scientific articles in war conditions
    • Figure 3. Answers to the question “What forms of academic and social support do you need?”
    • Figure 4. Answers to the question “What are the financial conditions for publishing articles during wartime?”
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