Knowledge management in banking: A bibliometric literature review


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This bibliometric study examines publication trends, influential works, authorship networks, conceptual themes, and future directions in knowledge management research within the banking sector over the past three decades. Data were collected from a total of 443 scholarly publications written in English and indexed in Scopus. The data collection period spanned from 1994 to 2023. Quantitative bibliometric analysis techniques were employed, which involved the use of temporal visualization to examine publication and citation patterns, mapping co-authorship networks, and clustering high-frequency keywords. The results suggest a consistent rise in research interest and output as time progresses. Influential publications have proposed various models and frameworks for knowledge management, risk analysis, and organizational change. The majority of prolific authors were primarily of European descent, and it is worth noting that the Journal of Knowledge Management held the position as the most influential publication venue. The core research focus encompassed various areas such as knowledge for competitive advantage, intellectual capital measurement, knowledge-performance links, customer relationship management, and knowledge management technologies. The research has evolved to encompass digital transformation, sustainability, automation, and analytics. Proposed future directions include an examination of the role of knowledge management in ensuring continuity during crises, the facilitation of risk management through knowledge systems, and the development of decision support based on knowledge. This study offers valuable insights into the development of knowledge management research in the banking sector, although it is limited to English sources in Scopus.

Expressing gratitude towards those who have contributed to the successful completion of a study has significant importance. In particular, it is crucial to extend appreciation to the individuals affiliated with the Ho Chi Minh University of Banking for their valuable support and assistance during the research endeavor.

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    • Figure 1. Keyword co-occurrence network in bank knowledge management publications
    • Table 1. Document type for the 443 publications related to knowledge management in banking research
    • Table 2. Publications and citations of research on the knowledge management in banking
    • Table 3. Top 20 most cited articles in banking knowledge management research
    • Table 4. Top 20 journals for banking knowledge management research by total citations received
    • Table 5. The 20 most cited banking knowledge management researchers
    • Table 6. Research output in banking knowledge management for the top 20 nations according to citations
    • Table 7. Top 20 affiliations in terms of significant contributions
    • Table 8. Top 20 search terms for the study of bank knowledge management
    • Table 9. Three possible prospective research directions for bank knowledge management
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