Modeling of strategic control system in the context of sustainable development of enterprise

  • Received July 11, 2017;
    Accepted September 22, 2017;
    Published October 31, 2017
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    Volume 15 2017, Issue #3, pp. 212-223
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Sustainable development of an enterprise in the conditions of permanent changes is possible only with the presence of an effective system of external and internal control. The theoretical foundations of a creation of the strategic control’s indicators to simplify the process of strategic management in the context of sustainable development of the Ukrainian companies were investigated. The classification features of the main strategic indicators have been systematized, which can be useful for the creation of strategic control system. Based on theoretical research, there has been developed a comprehensive model of strategic control, which brings together external and internal indicators and makes it possible for the top and middle levels of managers to carry out strategic surveillance of the process of sustainable development in the context of the chosen strategy.

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    • Figure 1. Classification of indicators of strategic control
    • Table 1. Еvaluation of standardized indicators
    • Table 2. Indicators of strategic control of the business process “production of boards” of Numinator Ltd.
    • Table 3. Standardized indicators of external strategic control