Matrix structures in management of quality of educational and scientific work of Ukrainian universities

  • Received January 5, 2018;
    Accepted February 9, 2018;
    Published February 19, 2018
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    Volume 16 2018, Issue #1, pp. 133-144
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For the past few years, major progress in providing academic autonomy to Ukrainian universities has been made. However, a large number of universities even now remain the establishments with post-Soviet bureaucratic type of organization of management. As a result, a severe and complicated system of control over current activity has been supported, which requires from scientific and pedagogical workers not only to work effectively, but also to keep the set of rules and procedures. The purpose of the research is to search for possibilities of efficient application by modern universities of flexible matrix structures of management while forming their own internal system of quality control. Threats from bureaucratic management have been generalized for competitiveness of a modern university at the market of educational, scientific and consulting services. The concept and methodology on de-bureaucratization of the system of quality in higher education on the basis of the process approach of the theory of management and rationalistic logistics obtained further development. The mechanism of management of quality at the operational level of the university through integration of the segment-focused approach, system of grading and matrix organization of regular processes has been improved. Ways to apply matrix structure the middle and low levels of managing university have been suggested. Author’s recommendations have been provided towards rating evaluation of work of departments and their segment-focused structural organization. The matrix structure of management of quality of carrying out the temporary research project in the university under the conditions of the budget commission has been developed and practically tested.

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    • Figure 1. Main principles of quality management system in a contemporary university
    • Figure 2. Scheme of the matrix management structure in the internal system of providing quality control of higher education
    • Figure. 3. The model of the matrix structure of managing the implementation of the scientific project “Management of the development of agricultural markets, agrarian and ecological logistics in the system of food security”, 2017–2019
    • Table 1. Distinctive features of the author’s concept and methodology of internal management of quality of higher education on the basis of the process approach