Value-centered entrepreneur role model design


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The article is devoted to developing a change model for entrepreneurial roles that allows to create a conceptual design for the roles of an entrepreneur at different stages of business development. The article highlights four key stages in the business development life cycle. At each step, business focuses on a certain type of client and the value created for that client. The business focus requires an entrepreneur to concentrate on performance of a certain role. An analysis of the literature about role modelling is provided. The article considers entrepreneurs’ roles at different stages of business development. There are several methodological approaches applied in the article. The systems approach and systems thinking allow to describe a business as a whole. Conceptual modelling allows to deal with complexity of a real business. Design approach allows to implement conceptual models in practice of the real business. The article proposes a change model for entrepreneurial roles and the related roles composition at the different stages of business development life cycle. This article uses the conceptual model as an analytical tool to develop a change model for entrepreneurial roles. The further development of the research relates to research of sub-roles composition for different entrepreneurial roles and abilities, necessary to perform the sub-roles efficiently.

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    • Figure 1. Entrepreneur-company relationships
    • Table 1. A change model for entrepreneurial roles