Analytical support for forming the strategy of export-import activity development of enterprises in Ukraine

  • Received June 20, 2018;
    Accepted August 31, 2018;
    Published September 14, 2018
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    Volume 16 2018, Issue #3, pp. 423-431
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The current economic situation in Ukraine is conditioned by the efficiency of the export-import activity of industrial enterprises. In turn, the effectiveness of the strategy for the development of this activity depends on the scientific substantiation of its analytical support. This confirms the relevance of the topic of the article. The purpose of the article is to present the content of analytical support for forming the strategy of development of export-import activity of the enterprises in Ukraine. The object of the study is the development of analytical support for the formation of this strategy. The main methods of developing this analytical support is the multicriterial optimization method, which uses a genetic algorithm, multidimensional regression analysis, and a taxonomic method for calculating the integral index of development. The article also examines the peculiarities of the implementation of export-import activity of industrial enterprises in modern conditions, analyzes the criteria for its development, provides a system of indicators for the evaluation of this activity and the setting of a multi-criteria optimization task of maximizing the development of export-import activity of the enterprise, the solution of which is recommended with the help of software MatLab. It is recommended that the optimal values obtained are taken as the basis for determining the desired values of the export-import performance indicators.

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    • Figure 1. Dynamics of levels of development of export activity (ІЕ) and import activity (ІІ) of the enterprise PAT “Turboatom”
    • Figure 2. Dynamics of the general level of development of export-import activity of PAT “Turboatom”
    • Figure 3. Results of calculations of multi-objective optimization problem of determination of optimal values of indicators and levels of development of export-import activity of PAT “Turboatom”