Classification and prioritization of stakeholders’ information requests according to Sustainable Development Goals: case of cross-sector partnership in Ukrainian food production industry

  • Received July 26, 2018;
    Accepted September 20, 2018;
    Published October 31, 2018
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    Volume 16 2018, Issue #4, pp. 126-140
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Tracking progress in Sustainable Development Goals (especially Goal 2, Goal 17) substantiates the classification of stakeholders information requests in different sectors of the economy, as well as development of algorithms for selecting the most priority and relevant requests in the context of stakeholder cross-sector partnership. Capital concept and multi-stakeholder approach were recognized as the most appropriate for solving these tasks. This research of existing categories and groups of stakeholders in the real (food production) sector describes the proposed methodology for classifying their information requests and algorithm for their prioritization in relation to a certain type of capital, sustainability dimensions and material topics for stakeholders, SDG, targets, Global Reporting Initiative indicators. The developed methodology is universal both from the point of view of the investigated sectors, the number of alternative stakeholders requests, and the number of experts, as well as from the considerable world experience in prioritizing these requests.

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    • Figure 1. GRI reporting of food and beverage products on CSER mechanism and SDG’s progress in world in the period 2000–2017, reports
    • Figure 2. External and internal stakeholders engagement in SDG’ progress in the period 2016–2017 in 46 Ukrainian companies, person
    • Table 1. Key stakeholder groups in accordance with the concept of capital and multi-stakeholder approach
    • Table 2. Classification of stakeholders’ information requests relevant to SDG, their targets and indicators economy (based on the example of food production sector)
    • Table 3. Categories of stakeholders and their information requests by the MHP company
    • Table 4. Information requests of MHP stakeholders, adjusted for the sustainability context
    • Table 5. Interpretation of ranked and prioritized stakeholder information requests in the food production sector
    • Table 6. Interpretation of the ranking of information requests of the MHP in 2016