Conceptual approaches to the formation of regional food security strategy in the context of sustainable development


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The food safety of the region is a fundamental foundation of the country’s economic security and one of the most important prerequisites for sustainable development. Unfortunately, the problems of ensuring food security of the regions of Ukraine are not only resolved, but also ultimately aggravated, which negatively affects the quality of life of the population and the development of human potential. An important step in solving the problem of physical and economic food availability to all population is developing a regional food safety strategy. In this regard, the purpose of the article is to develop methodological tools for modeling the region’s food security strategy taking into account the peculiarities of its development and existing production and resource potential. The authors explained the concept of “food security strategy”, “food safety potential of the region” and methods for assessing its main components. The author’s model of the food security strategy creation was developed and implemented on the example of the Ukrainian Black Sea region. This model can be used to monitor the situation with food provision, to model the impact on the state of the food supply of individual strategic decisions and to determine the causes of deviations and growth reserves in any region irrespective of its size or administrative status.

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    • Figure 1. Map of the strategic potential of food security in the Black Sea region
    • Таble 1. Indicators of assessing the food security potential of the region
    • Table 2. Evaluation of standardized indicators
    • Table 3. The level of food security potential of the Black Sea region in 2016
    • Table 4. Calculating the vector of the strategic position of the Black Sea regions