Diversification of R&D results commercialization


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Due to the rapid growth of the market of scientific and technical products and the high level of competition, market appropriate solution becomes finding ways to commercialization of research products. The article substantiates the need for accelerated modernization of the Kazakh economy based on increasing the effectiveness of scientific research and introduction into industrial production of research results while diversifying the ways of commercializing R&D results. In this article, the authors analyze the current state of Kazakh science. As a result of the research, a new mechanism for multi-criteria selection of promising R&D results of scientific organizations has been proposed and a system of organizational and economic support for their commercialization has been substantiated. The results will be useful in the practical activities of both scientific and industrial organizations.

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    • Figure 1. R&D internal expenses
    • Figure 2. Diversification model of R&D commercialization
    • Table 1. Definition of the membership function of alternatives xi {i = 1, n} criteria Kj, {j = 1, m}
    • Table 2. Definition of the membership function of alternatives xi {i = 1, n} to the generalized criterion K based on the membership function of alternatives to the criteria
    • Table 3. Ranked list of alternatives from worst to best
    • Table 4. Number of organizations engaged in R&D, by ownership type
    • Table 5. R&D internal expenses by types of work
    • Table 6. Information on applications submitted to RSE “NIIS” for the issue of titles of protection for industrial property in 2016