Identifying and prioritizing the effecting factors on implementing policies of Medical Science University of Zabol


Policy making University of Medical Sciences, in a comprehensive look, three stages of formulation, implementation and evaluation. In the full implementation of the policies of Medical Sciences, indices are several factors to identify them in order to streamline the implementation of policies is important. In this paper, according to studies, the perspective of managers, supervisors and experts on the factors affecting the implementation of the policies set and looked University of Medical Sciences. In the present study, type research methods analytical and applied in terms of goal. The population of managers, supervisors and reporters are Zahedan and Zabol University of Medical Sciences. The questionnaire that the overall validity of the content and reliable 0.84 with Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient was estimated. The results of this study six important landmark in the implementation of policies were identified and ratings which include administration and bureaucracy, targets and policy development, enforcement expertise, personality traits and behavioral anchors, consumers and supported by the legal authorities.

Keywords: public policy making, vision, medical sciences, health document.
JEL Classification: D78, I11

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