Relationship between talent management strategy efficiency with attracting, recruiting and developing human resources (case study: Iranian offshore oil company)

  • Published September 15, 2016
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    Volume 14 2016, Issue #3 (spec. issue), pp. 388-395
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Nowadays, competition between organizations has turned from developing tangible assets into developing intangible assets. Abilities and talents of its human resources and staffing is the most important element of intangible assets of any organization. Contribution to the actual potential of the current forces and special talent recruitment to fill gaps identified in can help organizations to achieve higher productivity in the area of talent management. The investigation aims to find the relationship between performance of talent management strategy with attracting, recruiting and human resources development in Iranian offshore oil company. The study population included 420 HR headquarters in Tehran and the sample based on Cochrane Formula is 200 people. Three questionnaires were used to test hypotheses. Buckingham M. & Vosburgh R. (2001) questionnaire was used to measure talent management; Beardwell I., L. Holden, T. Claydon. (2004) questionnaire was used to measure recruitment (2004) and finally Reuther, Robert (1996) was used to assess the individual development. The results revealed that there is a significant positive relationship between the ability and opportunity to hire human resources in Iranian offshore oil company. In addition, there is a significant positive relationship between the ability, opportunity and skills with the development of human resources.

Keywords: talent management, human resource development, human resource recruitment.
JEL Classification: M12, O13

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