Investigation of relationship between personality characteristics and career management of Melli Bank staff, Iran

  • Published September 15, 2016
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    Volume 14 2016, Issue #3 (spec. issue), pp. 407-413
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Modern organizations provide their required goods and materials easily from other organizations and even other countries and the only resource that can’t be exchanged ideally is human resources, such that an efficient and standard human resources is the most important competitive capital of a country. According to this, current research aims to explain the relationship between personality characteristics with career management of Melli Bank staff in Iran. Statistical population of this research is all employees of Melli Bank central branches which are located in Tehran city. The number of Melli Bank central branches’ employees is 2603 and the total number of branches is 28 and an appropriate group sampling method is applied. The research method is descriptive-correlation type. For data gathering, two questionnaires of career path based on Shine model and personality characteristics questionnaire were used. The results show that there is a positive significant relation between the variables of emotional stability personality with the regression coefficient of 0.143, compatible personality with the regression coefficient of 0.110, experience- oriented personality mode variable with the regression coefficient of 0.231 and work ethic personality with the regression coefficient of 0.143 and career management of Melli Bank employees. But there is no significant relation between extroversion as one of the personality characteristics and employees’ career management.

Keywords: career dimensions, career anchors, personality characteristics, Melli Bank.
JEL Classification: M10, M12, J24

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