To identify and review the effective factors of attracting and retaining professional physicians in management of social security of Tehran province and ITS subordinate units

  • Published September 15, 2016
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    Volume 14 2016, Issue #3 (spec. issue), pp. 414-421

The importance of human resource cannot be ignored in today’s global and complicated environment. The importance of human resource management and especially, human resource talent management, would appear in a point that, in the new economy, the important resource for economy, is knowledge and, in this current era, human resource knowledge is a competitive advantage and in among other manufacturing factors is as an important factor and also invisible organizational assets that, in organizational structures and process would, apply and make possible the situation to innovation. Regarding to this situations, attracting and retaining human resources in organizations are facing to its complicities and challenges, without focusing on the effective factors on it and also non-recognition, human resource management project would face with failure undoubtedly. Secondary data were collected via library study and with using of the questionnaire made by the researcher and, then, the basic information research was collected that validity and variables was verified formally and also the questionnaire reliability with a pre- testing by using of Cronbach’s Alpha test that was equal with 0.89 was verified. Statistical Society is the all professional physicians in the management of Social Security of Tehran province and its subordinate units and based on Morgan Krejcie table in 95 percent confidence level, between 1272 persons in the mentioned statistical society, 259 persons were selected as sample research. In order to analyze the data, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics are used. Friedman test is used for ratings research’s variables by helping SPSS software.
The results reveal that about 50% of female responders and the rest of that were males and over 85% of responders were physicians and about 75% of responders were having a professional PHD degree and the rest of them were having a master degree and about 61% were having job’s history who were over 20 years old.

Keywords: attracting and retaining, organizational talents, talent management, human resource management, professional physicians, management of remedy social security.
JEL Classification: M12. M55, O15

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