The relationship between the central capabilities with the organization success (case study: standardization organization of Golestan province)


The intensification of changes in industrial and commercial environment in recent decades has challenged many traditional strategy approaches for the creation of organizational capabilities. Today, organizational capabilities play undeniable role in the development of organizational programs and their success. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between the central capabilities with the success of the organization in Golestan province. In this study, three subscales of the organization capabilities including strategic capabilities, structure capabilities, and knowledge capabilities as the independent variable and in order to measure organizational success, four subscales speed, flexibility, integrity and innovation were used. Result of hypothesis testing indicated that there is a positive and significant relationship between three central capabilities of organization including strategic capabilities (0.143), structural capabilities (0.110) and knowledge capabilities (0.231) with organizational success.

Keywords: strategic capabilities, organizational structure, knowledge capabilities of the organization, organizational success.
JEL Classification: D8, L22, M21, M31

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