Project sustainability management: risks, problems and perspective

  • Received September 17, 2018;
    Accepted February 1, 2019;
    Published March 25, 2019
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    Volume 17 2019, Issue #1, pp. 313-325
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This research aims to propose and validate research of a New Framework for integration of the concept of sustainability in projects by investigating the relationship between project and sustainability for project success. Integrating sustainability in projects is crucial metric for project success. However, the dearth in literature and the slow pace in emerging literature has left many issues unanswered regarding integration of sustainability in projects and the commitment of project teams to sustainability pillars. Therefore, this article explores the current state of sustainability, its potential weaknesses and therein proposes corrective action for the legitimatization of a New Framework on ‘project sustainability’ in an authentic environment. The methodological approach adopted in this research is a pragmatic examination of secondary data collected by the project team during a one-year period that demonstrates the effects of neglecting proactive management of the three pillars of sustainability resulting in poor project performance in terms of resources and stakeholder resistance, as well as the lessons learned therein. The findings reveals a low degree of commitment by project teams towards sustainability particularly with regard to social and environment pillars, even though the economic pillar has been given much attention, there is still much to be done. Hence, the importance of the proposed New Framework for project success. This research concludes and recommends the need to integrate sustainability adequately throughout a project life-cycle for the attainment of organizational strategy and satisfying stakeholders’ expectations. However, this can take place with a knowledgeable project management team on sustainability.

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    • Figure 1. Ecological, social and economic subsystems
    • Figure 2. Framework
    • Figure 3. Project sustainability metrics
    • Figure 4. New Framework proposed by the researcher based on the metrics collated in both literature and project data