“Super Service Delivery”: an advanced conceptual model of one-stop service for wide administrative region


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The innovative role of “One-Stop Integrated Services” (one-stop service in Indonesia) is now being developed. On the other hand, the problems faced by the community in their efforts to obtain service have not been decomposed precisely. The issue of distance and travel time to the service center (service offices: OSS) and the resulting costs are still burdensome. This situation is very prevalent in communities in districts, cities, and provinces, because Indonesia’s topography is divided into land administration areas and large islands.
The aim is to unravel the burden of problems faced by the community of service users in the land administration area and large islands. The authority, main tasks, and functions of the “one-stop integrated service office” can be stretched close to the residents of far-flung communities in remote areas, because the original public service users are there.
Technically, the tasks and functions of PTSP services are delegated through sub-district offices in various parts of the region, and may even be delegated to the village offices/village offices. PTSP parties only need to place 1 (one) up to 2 (two) personnel to carry out this task. This technique administratively utilizes government work networks and e-gov networks that are ready and able to mediate recording and transactions in real time. Regional Government Banks can also provide support in the same way to handle the management of super service delivery transactions in various parts of the district.

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    • Figure 1. Theoretical service delivery gaps category in the order of the gaps model of service quality concept
    • Figure 2. Actual service delivery model of one-stop integrated services/OSS in Indonesia
    • Figure 3. Super service delivery conceptual model as a frontline office that brings the public service closer