The role of universities in disseminating the social responsibility practices of insurance companies

  • Received April 17, 2019;
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    Published June 25, 2019
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The desire and ability to apply the concept of social responsibility is directly proportional to a culture that is formed due to the relevant knowledge, skills and qualifications. It is believed that university education is able to interest future owners, experts and clients of insurance companies in running socially responsible activities.
The purpose of the study is to determine the role of universities in disseminating the social responsibility practices in the insurance sector.
The main method of research is the survey conducted among 536 full-time students-financiers at domestic universities in September and October 2018. This method allowed to identify peculiarities of students’ perception of the social responsibility concept in the insurance sector of Ukraine. The case study method was also applied to reflect the social responsibility practices used by domestic insurance companies.
As a result of the combination of the methods proposed, the low level of students’ knowledge of social responsibility in the insurance sector and the low interest of insurance companies as compared to foreign insurance companies have been shown. That is why, in the process of training, it is important for universities to focus on the proper world-view positions and value orientations, dialog and ethical cooperation that will enhance the professional training of students and develop modern professional competence among them that will meet international practices and requirements.

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    • Figure 1. Forms of the corporate social responsibility perception
    • Figure 2. Do Ukrainian insurance companies implement the corporate social responsibility strategy?
    • Figure 3. Basic motives that prompt insurance companies to implement corporate social responsibility
    • Figure 4. TOP 10 good practices for implementing the CSR concept by insurers
    • Figure 5. Advantages of taking measures related to corporate social responsibility
    • Figure 6. The reasons for the lack of implementation of the CSR concept in insurance companies
    • Figure 7. Model of university influence on disseminating the social responsibility practices of insurance companies
    • Table 1. The influence on which stakeholder groups should be investigated by insurance companies in the course of the CSR activity? %
    • Table 2. Comparison of students’ opinions about the availability of CSR information in curricula and the usefulness of its examining, %
    • Table 3. CSR practices of the Ukrainian insurance companies