Factors determining the use of cloud computing in enterprise management in the EU (considering the type of economic activity)


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The use of cloud technology in business provides for many benefits. The use of cloud computing in business management varies greatly across the EU. The answer to the question of what factors influence the level of cloud computing usage in enterprises can be used to boost the utilization of cloud technologies and contribute to their popularization in Poland.
This study aims to identify the factors and assess their influence on the level of cloud computing use in enterprise management, considering business activity types.
The study is based on secondary data published periodically by the Eurostat. The study uses the r-Pearson correlation analysis. Statistical data for all EU countries for the period 2014–2018 was analyzed. Nine factors were selected for the correlation analysis. After verifying the research hypothesis, it was proven that there is a statistically significant relationship between the extent to which cloud computing is used in enterprises with different types of business activities and the selected factors. It was clearly shown that the percentage of the ICT sector in national GDP has no impact on the use of cloud technologies. Other research hypotheses were confirmed or partially confirmed.
A ranking of factors influencing the use of cloud technologies in enterprises, taking into account the type of business activity, was compiled. The obtained results will be useful to theoreticians and practitioners in developing a company’s growth strategy and making decisions on modernizing the information structure or company virtualization.

This paper emerged as part of the work on a grant for a research project conducted by the research and teaching staff of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn in 2020. The title of the project is “Information as a factor in managing municipal, water and energy resources”.

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    • Figure 1. Percentage of companies in EU countries that bought cloud computing services in 2018
    • Figure 2. Percentage of enterprises that bought cloud computing services
    • Figure 3. Percentage of enterprises using cloud computing services in 2018 by type of business activity
    • Table 1. Types of business
    • Table 2. List of tables with statistical data
    • Table 3. Correlation analysis results
    • Table 4. Ranking of factors F2-F10 according to the type of business activity
    • Table 5. Verification of research hypotheses