The impact of inclusive leadership behaviors on innovative workplace behavior with an emphasis on the mediating role of work engagement


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Work creativity manifested in innovative workplace behavior (IWB) and employee work engagement is fundamental to maintaining firm’s sustainability and competitiveness. In this regard, this study investigates the supporting effect of innovative leadership on IWB and employee engagement by maximizing employee vigor, dedication, and absorption. The study data were collected using a questionnaire-based technique, and the questionnaires were administered to 150 respondents working in mobile phone companies in Southern and Central Iraq. The results were analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and SmartPLS software. The study results revealed that inclusive leadership and work engagement were significantly related to IWB, and work engagement played a mediating role between inclusive leadership and IWB. The findings further indicated that inclusive leadership behaviors such as openness, accessibility, and availability motivated the subordinates to be engaged in IWB. To promote IWB, company leaders need to effectively engage their followers by taking pride and satisfaction in employee output, which might help employee work engagement and IWB.

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    • Figure 1. Research model
    • Figure 2. Structural model
    • Table 1. Demographic profile of respondents
    • Table 2. Mean, standard deviations, and correlations between main variables
    • Table 3. Average Variance Extracted, composite reliability, and Cronbach’s alpha
    • Table 4. Outer loading, outer weight, and VIF for each indicator
    • Table 5. Path coefficients, mean, st. dev., t-test, and p-values
    • Conceptualization
      Dheyaa Falih Bannay
    • Data curation
      Dheyaa Falih Bannay
    • Methodology
      Dheyaa Falih Bannay
    • Visualization
      Dheyaa Falih Bannay, Ahmed Abdullah Amanah
    • Formal Analysis
      Mohammed Jabbar Hadi
    • Investigation
      Mohammed Jabbar Hadi
    • Software
      Mohammed Jabbar Hadi
    • Validation
      Mohammed Jabbar Hadi
    • Funding acquisition
      Ahmed Abdullah Amanah
    • Writing – original draft
      Ahmed Abdullah Amanah
    • Writing – review & editing
      Ahmed Abdullah Amanah