Assessment of countries’ international investment activity in the context of ensuring economic security


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For the vast majority of countries, creating a favorable investment environment, which determines the possibility of attracting foreign capital, is a prerequisite for economic growth, addressing issues of national interests and a sufficient level of economic security. The presented article aims to assess the development of international investment activities to ensure countries’ investment security as components of economic security. Using multidimensional evaluation methods, construction of complex indicators, methods of statistical grouping, measurement of stochastic relationships, the integrated level of investment security of Central and Eastern European countries is determined. The assessment results showed that such countries as Estonia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, and Romania have the highest level of investment security and are among the countries that have strengthened their investment security positions over the period. The countries’ evaluation shows that 46% of the countries surveyed were classified as countries with a safe level of investment development. According to the results of correlation analysis, it was determined that the Investment Security Index is more correlated with the state of the investment climate of the country; in the group of Central and Eastern European countries, there is a close correlation with the level of investment attractiveness, which means that for these countries, macroeconomic stability and stable dynamics of socio-economic growth are the factors determining investment opportunities. The obtained results should be considered to identify the basic risks of the investment environment.

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    • Table 1. Central and Eastern European countries’ ranks by indexes
    • Table 2. Investment Security Index
    • Table 3. Investment security indexes of the of CEEC in 2008−2018
    • Table 4. Positions of CEEC in the rating of countries according to the level of the investment component of security
    • Table 5. Distribution of countries by level of investment security
    • Table 6. Evaluation of correlation between the integrated Investment Security Index and its components
    • Conceptualization
      Olha Zakharova, Olga Bezzubchenko
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      Olha Zakharova, Olga Bezzubchenko, Khrystyna Mityushkina
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      Olha Zakharova, Olga Bezzubchenko, Khrystyna Mityushkina, Tamara Nikolenko
    • Methodology
      Olha Zakharova, Tamara Nikolenko
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      Olha Zakharova, Tamara Nikolenko
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