Evaluation index system of practical abilities of P.E. students at Chinese universities


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With the continuous increase of requirements for P.E. talents’ qualities, there occurs higher disharmony between cultivation goals and modes for P.E. talents and social demands. Hence, it is necessary to review the evaluation index system of practical abilities for university students majoring in P.E. to enhance the betterment of cultivation goals and modes for P.E. professionals and its teaching quality. The goal of this study is to establish the evaluation index system of practical abilities for P.E. professionals. This paper uses document analysis and expert grading methods to construct the concrete indexes of the evaluation system and calculate the weight indexes of three levels of practical abilities employing the analytic hierarchy process. The results highlighted that the most significant weights have, respectively, moral education ability in the first-level indexes, teachers’ code of ethics in the second-level indexes, and role model leading ability in the third-level indexes. The institution process of the evaluation index system in the research is scientific and reliable, which provides a theoretical reference for the evaluations of the education cultivation and professional abilities of students majoring in P.E. at Chinese universities.

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    • Table 1. Practical ability indexes of students majoring in physical education
    • Table 2. Form of relative importance degree
    • Table 3. Primary indexes of expert judgment matrix
    • Table 4. Average random consistency index RI
    • Table 5. Weight of primary indexes
    • Table 6. Comprehensive weight of secondary-level indexes
    • Table 7. Comprehensive weight of the third-level indexes
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      Zongxi Li, Olena Slavkova
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      Zongxi Li, Olena Slavkova, Yong Gao
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