Digital entrepreneurship: Socio-demographics and consumer behavior in Indonesia


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Consumer characteristics of digital entrepreneurship are indispensable in achieving sustainable growth. Digital entrepreneurship has been rapidly growing and developing worldwide, and Indonesia is no exception. This study aims to determine the effect of socio-demographics on consumer decisions on using products and services of digital entrepreneurship in Indonesia. The study used an online survey of 400 residents of Palembang City, Indonesia. The respondents were selected through a stratified random sampling method. A logistic regression model is estimated to determine the effect of socio-demographic variables that promote start-up entrepreneurship. The empirical results show that age, education, and income have a significant effect on consumers of digital entrepreneurship. The results also confirm that young people are more likely than older people to set up digital entrepreneurship. The higher people’s income and higher their education, the greater their likelihood of using products and services of digital entrepreneurship. The implication is that digital entrepreneurs must consider the reach of consumers to the products and services offered in terms of price, quality, uniqueness, and convenience per socio-demographic conditions.

The research team would like to thank the Directorate of Resources, Directorate General Higher Education, Research and Technology Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology as the funder, with Contract number 009/E4.1/AK.04.RA/2021.

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    • Table 1. Characteristics of respondents
    • Table 2. Distribution of users and non-users of Palembang start-ups
    • Table 3. Uji t-test
    • Table 4. Chi-square test
    • Table 5. Logistics estimation results
    • Table 6. Odds ratio results
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