The public debt of Ukraine in the economic development policy in the war and post-war periods: Bibliometric analysis

  • Received October 15, 2022;
    Accepted December 26, 2022;
    Published January 6, 2023
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    Volume 11 2022, Issue #1, pp. 142-154
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Public debt can attract funds to finance public needs and stabilize the country’s economic development. This study aims to analyze the relationship between public debt and economic development considering the war actions in Ukraine. This paper uses bibliometric analysis, comprising in-built Scopus and WoS instruments, VosViewer, and Google Trends tools. The overall results show the close relationship between public debt, economic development, and war (armed conflict) concepts. The publications were examined according to key features: containing the keywords from the green and red clusters; covering the period 2015–2018 and 2022; and discussing public debt in Central and South-Eastern Europe. This improved the theoretical and methodological approach to the bibliometric analysis of public debt. Moreover, the study identified risks (based on selected scientific publications) to which the primary attention should be paid during the war and post-war periods in Ukraine: currency and demographic risks. Key recommendations were provided to ensure debt security during the war and post-war periods. However, the given recommendations should be implemented within the framework of the Recovery Plan of Ukraine, which would improve the credit rating and reliability of the state.

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    • Figure 1. Dynamics of published articles for 2000–2022 concerning public debt
    • Figure 2. Google Trends on public debt worldwide in 2017– October, 2022
    • Figure 3. Relationships of public debt with other concepts for 2000–2022
    • Figure 4. Top 50 keywords by relevance, based on publications on the topic “public debt”
    • Figure 5. Map of connections between the concepts of public debt research based on publications in Scopus for 2000–2022
    • Figure 6. Visualization map of the contextual-temporal dimension of research on public debt in 2000–2022 in Scopus
    • Figure 7. Spatial component of the bibliometric analysis of the concept of public debt
    • Figure 8. Visualization map of the co-authorship
    • Figure 9. Structural analysis of public debt by subject area
    • Table 1. Employed bibliometric instruments
    • Table 2. Characteristics of clusters based on the co-occurrence of keywords
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