Inclusive development in the national tourist system: case of Ukraine

  • Received October 26, 2019;
    Accepted December 28, 2019;
    Published January 15, 2020
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    Volume 2 2019, Issue #1, pp. 45-59
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The sustainable development of tourism, which provides for natural and cultural and historical resource-saving and increase, observing the environmental standards becomes dominant and is a requirement for tourism successful development. The main direction of sustainable tourism development within a certain country – national tourist system (NTS) is inclusiveness. According to the results of human and inclusive development indicators, the volumes of employment in tourism, there were defined the problems of Ukraine concerning the insufficient level of human development, the presence of displaced population from the military actions zone and the population that suffers from grievances and has features of poverty. It is emphasized that NTS can implement the inclusive business models through such key foundations: Particular attention is paid to substantiating the mutual satisfaction of the economic interests of stakeholders when forming the NTS inclusive business models. There was elaborated the vision of possible key strategies of business entities for expanding the economic opportunities in the context of inclusive development. According to the study results, there was presented the architectonics of the interaction of NTS subjects when implementing the inclusive business models, where the groups of stakeholders, directions, forms of activity, and possible effects of their implementation were defined. Attention is paid to the need for further systemic studies of the considered problem in response to challenges and threats to tourism as a global social, environmental, and economic phenomenon.

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    • Figure 1. The foundations of achieving the national tourist system (NTS) target goals in the context of sustainable development
    • Figure 2. Dynamics of index and ranking of Ukraine’s human development for the period 1990−2018
    • Figure 3. Dynamics of the percentage of Ukrainian households with features of poverty and deprivation in terms of recreation and leisure in the period 2015–20172
    • Figure 4. National Key Performance Indicators
    • Figure 5. Dynamics of the Inclusive Development Index (IDI) indicators in Ukraine in 2017–2018
    • Figure 6. Dynamics of employment volumes in Ukrainian national tourist system (NTS) in 2011–2017 and forecast for 2027
    • Figure 7. Key foundations of inclusive business models formation in national tourist system (NTS)
    • Figure 8. Architectonics of the interactions of NTS subjects when implemented the inclusive business models
    • Table 1. Directions of involving the separate stakeholders of national tourist system (NTS) into inclusive business models
    • Table 2. Mutual satisfaction of economic interests of stakeholders in forming the national tourist system inclusive business models (IBM)
    • Table 3. Key strategies of business entities for expanding the economic opportunities in the context of inclusive development