The problems of development of the tourism industry in Georgia


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Recently, there has been a sharp increase in the number of foreign tourists and revenues from international tourism in Georgia. At the same time, it was noted that the country’s tourism potential is not being used effectively enough, and the main reason for this is the insufficient development of the infrastructure of the tourism industry. The main problems that hamper the development of international tourism in the country are identified. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism industry in Georgia and to achieve its significant improvement, the relevant strategic objectives have been developed.

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    • Figure 1. The diagram of crossing the Georgian border by various modes of transport
    • Table 1. Dynamics of the number of international tourists and tourism revenues in 2011–2016
    • Table 2. Leading countries according to number of international entries to Georgia
    • Table 3. The number of departures and passengers in 2012–2017