Business Perspectives' two journals are included in the Journal Quality List 2019

December 06, 2019


Today, Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) published its Journal Quality List. The list is quite specific, with its own special methodology. Although it includes journals from all over the world, it is created based upon request of scientists from the Australian region only.
Two of our journals are in this prestigious list, namely, Investment Management and Financial Innovations – category B, and Banks and Bank Systems – category C.

The site indicates:
The 2019 List follows an extensive review conducted by Expert Panels, which assessed journals relating to Business and Taxation Law; Economics; Finance including Actuarial Studies; Information Systems; Management, Commercial Services and Transport and Logistics; Marketing and Tourism; and other areas.
The 2019 List endorses 2,682 journal entries with the following classifications: A* – 7.41% (199); A – 24.27% (651); B – 31.69% (850); C – 36.61% (982).