World against COVID-19. Our colleagues' thoughts about the situation: Dr. Nikola Perovic

April 01, 2020

Dr. Nikola Perovic, the member of the Editorial Board of Tourism and Travelling., April 1, 2020.

Covid-19 or the major natural disaster in early XXI century has made many of us work from home or, in my case, teach from home. As a university professor at the UAE’s largest university, I have many daily activities for delivering online classes, performing online exams and conducting online advising. Online, online, online. I wish to have again daily freedom to take a long walks by the beach like I used very night…

We wish many things that we can’t have, but only temporarily. The world will recover more united than before. The world will again enjoy travel and tourism, but perhaps with more ecological focus, because we will all be “hungry” to explore specially nature, so I expect that ecological tourism drives new demand in the future. Regarding scientific and practical research context, I believe the environmental marketing analysis to be even more relevant for the success of companies and governments. We shall also talk more about sustainable marketing, sustainable development and smart governments. General strategic audit of major documents is needed to keep up with new major changes in every aspect of macro and micro environment. I wish everybody good health and prosperous future in personal and business life.