Spectral study of options based on CEV model with multidimensional volatility


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This article studies the derivatives pricing using a method of spectral analysis, a theory of singular and regular perturbations. Using a risk-neutral assessment, the authors obtain the Cauchy problem, which allows to calculate the approximate price of derivative assets and their volatility based on the diffusion equation with fast and slow variables of nonlocal volatility, and they obtain a model with multidimensional stochastic volatility. Applying a spectral theory of self-adjoint operators in Hilbert space and a theory of singular and regular perturbations, an analytic formula for approximate asset prices is established, which is described by the CEV model with stochastic volatility dependent on l-fast variables and r-slowly variables, l ≥ 1, r ≥ 1, l ∈ N, r ∈ N and a local variable. Applying the Sturm-Liouville theory, Fredholm’s alternatives, as well as the analysis of singular and regular perturbations at different time scales, the authors obtained explicit formulas for derivatives price approximations. To obtain explicit formulae, it is necessary to solve 2l Poisson equations.

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