Does capital structure affect firm value in Vietnam?

  • Received November 2, 2020;
    Accepted January 20, 2021;
    Published January 22, 2021
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    Volume 18 2021, Issue #1, pp. 33-41
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This study aims to examine whether the capital structure and several factors have significant influences on firm value in Vietnam. To achieve this objective, 435 non-financial listed companies have been selected from 2012 to 2019 on Vietnamese stock exchanges. Four groups of firms continue to be chosen from the total to investigate the differences in the outcomes among industries. The results altogether using the GMM method show that the impact of capital structure and other control variables on firm value is significant, yet different across industries: capital structure has a significant positive impact on firm value in the food and beverage industry, but has a significant negative effect on the value of the firm in wholesale trade and construction, as well as real estate industry, while has an insignificant influence on enterprise value considering all industries. Apart from the firm size, the impact of other control factors on firm value also indicates mixed results.

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    • Table 1. Descriptive statistics
    • Table 2. Correlation matrix of independent variables
    • Table 3. Empirical results using GMM
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      Tien Dat Dang
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