Factors influencing the legal regulation and management of education system in Kazakhstan: a review and analysis


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Nowadays, the modernization of the education system is the basis of dynamic sustainable economic development and citizens’ well-being. The key agent for the implementation of educational policy and the developer of the legal framework governing the functioning of the educational sphere is the state and its bodies. The Kazakhstani state policy’s main priorities in the field of education are formulated in several strategic documents. Using the review approach, this article examines the current state of public policy and legal regulation in Kazakhstan’s education sector. The article analyzes key documents that define the contours and content of the main directions of public policy and legal regulation. This article attempts to identify, review, and analyze the legal characteristics of the key process and factors existing in the legal field of Kazakhstani education, such as “Bologna factor,” “soviet legacy,” “provision of quality,” etc. The article concludes that the existing legal tools do not fully comply with law enforcement practice. The interpretations of some legal acts are somewhat different, which causes difficulties for actors providing educational services. Based on the result of the analysis, the article provides the main recommendations for improving legislation in education.

This article was written under grant from Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science No. АР05135081 “Student with disabilities and distance education learning environment: socio-practical and legal dimensions” coordinated by Prof. Dr Zulfiya Movkebayeva (Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University).

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    • Table 1. Number of undergraduate and postgraduate students
    • Table 2. Regional dynamics of students
    • Conceptualization
      Zulfiya Movkebayeva, Venera Balmagambetova, Kairat Balabiyev
    • Formal Analysis
      Zulfiya Movkebayeva, Dana Khamitova, Aibarsha Zholtayeva, Venera Balmagambetova
    • Supervision
      Zulfiya Movkebayeva
    • Writing – original draft
      Zulfiya Movkebayeva, Dana Khamitova, Aibarsha Zholtayeva, Venera Balmagambetova
    • Methodology
      Dana Khamitova, Aibarsha Zholtayeva
    • Writing – review & editing
      Venera Balmagambetova