Job satisfaction in the light of gender in the engineering sector in Slovakia

  • Received February 11, 2022;
    Accepted March 17, 2022;
    Published April 7, 2022
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    Volume 20 2022, Issue #2, pp. 1-9
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Job satisfaction covers all factors affecting a particular work activity. Gender is one of the internal job satisfaction factors. The purpose of the paper was to find job satisfaction differences related to gender in selected characteristics of employees working in the engineering sector. A questionnaire method was used to conduct the survey. Questionnaire items were selected from the questionnaire developed by Paul E. Spector (1994) and the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ). The respondents were employed in a Slovak engineering company, and the sample consisted of 60 respondents with balanced basic and specific characteristics. Paper questionnaires were distributed to the respondents while observing all the ethical rules of the survey. The results are expressed in means, standard deviations and p-values. In addition, a two-sample t-test was used. It was found that job satisfaction is perceived differently by male and female workers in the areas examined. Statistically significant differences were established in the areas of remuneration, recognition, and use of one’s abilities at work. Statistically insignificant areas of job satisfaction include meaninglessness of work, experiencing happiness at work more than others, and satisfaction with the relationship with supervisors.

The paper was written under the project Multiplier Effects of Human Capital Quality on Economic Performance and Competitiveness of the Slovak Economy and supported by the Grant Agency VEGA of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic [No. 1/0357/21].

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    • Table 1. I feel I am being paid a fair amount for the work I do
    • Table 2. When I do a good job, I receive the recognition for it that I should receive
    • Table 3. I sometimes feel my job is meaningless
    • Table 4. My job is enjoyable
    • Table 5. I have the chance to do work that is well suited to my abilities
    • Table 6. Overall job satisfaction and gender
    • Table 7. Career advancement and job satisfaction
    • Table 8. Job satisfaction and pay
    • Table 9. Job satisfaction and relationship with superiors
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