Bank employees’ problems due to the imbalance of work and family demands


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Work-life balance is a common topic that has been brought up along with human necessity to maintain life balance, as employees currently have some considerations related to their high productivity at work. High self-efficacy is one thing that employees should have in order to stay in their workplace. Banks are among businesses that have fierce competition with regard to quality and customer service as well as employee management. This is the reason why this study was conducted in an Indonesian government-owned bank as the problem of employee turnover is considered relatively serious in order to get more benefits in one’s working life. This study aims to analyze the relationship between self-efficacy and work-life balance on employee engagement. The sample comprised 280 employees, and data analysis used was SEM PLS. The results showed that self-efficacy had 75% and work life balance had a 79% effect on employee engagement, which were proved by the fact that employees are professionally responsible for their duties at work without neglecting their family responsibilities. With such results, banks should consider reconstructing their employee management, since salary is no longer the top priority for employees to work but they also consider life balance. Employees need to spend their time with their families while remaining on their track in work productivity. They also need appreciation, recognition and pride to keep their self-efficacy in their work performance.

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    • Table 1. Description of the research instrument
    • Table 2. Description of respondents
    • Table 3. Measured factors for validity and reliability instruments
    • Table 4. Hypotheses analysis of direct and indirect relation
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