A meta-analysis of determinants influencing bank employees’ satisfaction


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Job satisfaction is an important factor in the success of any organization, and the banking industry is no exception. This study conducted a meta-analysis of 34 empirical studies to identify the key factors that influence job satisfaction among bank employees. The results showed that seven factors were most frequently cited as important: leadership, intrinsic motivation, reward, organizational commitment, work ethic, HRM activities, and working conditions. These factors were all found to have a positive impact on job satisfaction, with leadership having the strongest effect. The meta-analysis also found that the effect sizes of these factors were relatively large, indicating that they have a significant impact on job satisfaction. This suggests that banks can improve job satisfaction among their employees by focusing on these factors. For example, banks can provide employees with strong leadership, offer competitive rewards, and create a positive work environment. By doing so, banks can boost employee morale and productivity, which can lead to improved customer service and financial performance.

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    • Figure 1. Article screening processes
    • Table 1. Database and terms used in the study
    • Table 2. Related information in the banking industry
    • Table 3. Key factors and their frequencies on job satisfaction diagnostics
    • Table 4. Variables, observation, and measurements
    • Table 5. Relationships with job satisfaction
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