Bases of public financial regulation of human development


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In conditions of modern economic transformations, an in-depth understanding of the essence of the state financial regulation of human potential in the system of ensuring socio-economic development of the country is important. It is important to use a holistic architecture of financial regulation of the economy, further development of provisions on institutional mechanisms of financial provision of human potential, which purposefully applied by state institutions. The proper level of validity of the priority directions of the state financial policy for the development of human potential will contribute to the effectiveness of structural changes in the economy and social sphere. It is proved that the system of state financial regulation of human development needs constant improvement taking into account progressive methods, adaptation to internal and external economic factors in conditions of institutional transformations of the economy. Based on the study of the theoretical foundations of the state financial regulation of human development, its essence is disclosed as an integral part of social development, which involves the use of a set of norms, rules, methods, forms, mechanisms and instruments of financial architecture, in order to provide conditions for improving the quality of the institutional environment of the model of economic growth and an increase in the level of human development in the conditions of strengthening the influence of integration processes on macroeconomic dynamics that will promote the increase of the effective structural changes in the economy and social sphere.

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    • Таблиця 1. Цілі стратегії «Європа – 2020», пов’язані з людським розвитком
    • Таблиця 2. Фінансування складових людського розвитку в 2016 році, відсоток загальних видатків бюджету, (%) в розрахунку на особу (тис євро)