Mechanism for developing an adaptive strategy in cognitive management of the it companies’ competitiveness

  • Received June 1, 2020;
    Accepted June 15, 2020;
    Published September 5, 2020
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    Volume 18 2020, Issue #2, pp. 23-32
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In the context of the sectoral policy of Ukraine’s economic development, experts identify the IT sector as one of the drivers of economic growth. The sector is characterized by higher than the global aver¬age economic growth rates, growth rates of tax deductions to local and state budgets, and growing growth rates in the share of exports in the overall structure of Ukraine’s exports. It was revealed that, along with positive trends, the development model of the IT sector in Ukraine remains extremely vulnerable to external “shocks”, since about 98% of orders are generated from the external market. In addition, outsourcing rather than product specialization is inherent in the IT sector of Ukraine. And in this case, the level of operational and financial efficiency, as shown by global statistics, is the lowest. This model of development of the IT sector is due to the low level of competitiveness of IT companies, a decrease in competitiveness in the global market, which necessitates the development of adequate mechanisms for managing the competitiveness of companies in the Ukrainian IT sector. The mechanism of forming an adaptive strategy in cognitive management of IT companies’ competitiveness is offered. This mechanism, in contrast to the existing ones, takes into account the contour of anticipation (warning), which allows determining the stability of competitive positions of companies in Ukraine’s IT sector and developing a proactive adaptive strategy aimed at maintaining a high level of competitiveness of IT companies in both local and global markets, increasing their business value. The blocks structure of the mechanism, the range of problems of each block and methods of their solution are determined.

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    • Figure 1. Схема взаємозв’язку блоків механізму формування адаптивної стратегії в когнітивному управлінні конкурентоспроможністю IT-компанії
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