Entrepreneurial universities: literature review


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The article is devoted to the generalization and development of the terminology that is used to describe the essence and content of the concept “entrepreneurial university”. The results of the literature review allow us to present the concept “entrepreneurial university” in the form of a system of interrelated economic terms. Based on the analysis of search queries, using the databases of Scopus and Google Scholar, the publications that reveal the content of the concept “entrepreneurial university” were selected; the features and key characteristics of the definition of this concept by various authors were defined; the authors’ interpretation has been provided. The analysis of research in the field of university entrepreneurship, which currently covers 314 articles published in various scientific journals, allows us to inductively describe the dynamic process of university entrepreneurship based on the literature synthesis. The presented definition of “entrepreneurial university” concept is based on an analysis of the evolution of ideas about the subject of the entrepreneurship theory and modern scientific management approaches and allows establishing the semantic network that reflects the inner content of the concept “entrepreneurial university”.

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    • Figure 1. The semantic network that reflects the inner content of the definition of “The Entrepreneurial University”
    • Table 1. Definitions of the Entrepreneurial University