Commercialization of innovations: peculiarities of sales policy at innovation active enterprise

  • Received May 26, 2017;
    Accepted June 26, 2017;
    Published July 12, 2017
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    Volume 13 2017, Issue #2, pp. 6-12
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This study investigates the management process of innovations commercialization and its essence. Nowadays, establishing and ensuring the efficiency of innovations commercialization process is an objective precondition that creates material values. It also creates new demand in the market, shifting the emphasis from the production of enterprises to various management fields, creates new ways of capital substitution and enhances the level of innovation activity profitability. The aim of the research is to analyze indicators and characteristics of implemented instruments of sales policy at innovation active enterprises in order to estimate the influence of sales policy parameters to innovation level. There are many factors and trends that motivate enterprises to search for new ways to ensure their competitiveness. Findings revealed that there is a need to develop new technologies that ensures the profitability growth and activities optimization through capital mobility into areas with higher productivity and profitability. Sales policy is a necessary precondition for operation performance and further development of enterprises. Sales policy parameters significantly affect the level of innovation activity of industrial enterprises. Each of sales policy tools has an individual impact on the enterprise activity dynamics and can have positive or negative effect.

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    • Fig. 1. The process of innovations commercialization
    • Table 1. Results of statistical analysis of dependence profitability of innovation products sales of LCC “Turbomash” of influence instruments on this indicator