Post 2015 strategies to improve business models in corporate Turkey


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The 2015 elections in Turkey disrupted corporate business models in the country. Conducting business in Turkey has unquestionably been impacted by political activity that has often erupted into cultural wars and civil demonstrations. This paper discusses the strategies corporations must undertake to secure a sustainable competitive advantage in Turkey. It researches and critically evaluates the business impact of the changing and often turbulent politics, as well as collects and analyzes economic data in order to propose a decision making platform allowing companies to make informed strategic decisions. Paralleling this research, the paper also investigates how supply chains into and out of Turkey have been severely disrupted as a result of political unrest. Supply chain disruption is increasing amongst trading nations as they (the supply chains) become more complex as a result of their global expansion. External, as well as internal data, are gathered and examined for this paper in order to recommend corporate action to be taken to minimize supply chain disruption. Protection of supply chains needs to also be a priority of government. Therefore, this paper suggests how involvement in supply chain management by a stable government in Turkey would help minimize disruption and make supply chains in the country much more productive and efficient.

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    • Fig. 1. Real Sector Confidence Index (RSCI)