Consumer packaging as a tool for social and ethical marketing

  • Received December 5, 2018;
    Accepted March 20, 2019;
    Published March 23, 2019
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    Volume 15 2019, Issue #1, pp. 76-88
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Producing consumer packaging, which would meet the modern requirements in a comprehensive manner, while ensuring the needs of a consumer, a manufacturer and society as a whole, is currently one of the most important issues. In the context of developing a socially responsible society, the transition from classical marketing schemes to the social and ethical marketing is important for producers. The article defines the features of consumer packaging as a marketing tool based on theoretical generalization and survey among the city of Lutsk residents. The author’s vision of the packaging strategy and the product strategy interaction in the context of socially oriented marketing is presented. The possible options of packaging recycling are outlined: use of returnable packaging; utilization of packaging and the use of appropriate materials that are subject to recycling; use of packaging for other purposes.

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    • Figure 1. The respondents’ answers to the question “What do you usually follow when deciding to buy a particular product?”
    • Figure 2. The respondents’ answers to the question “What attracts you most to the packaging?”
    • Figure 3. The respondents’ answers to the question “What kind of packaging materials do you prefer when buying food?”
    • Figure 4. The product strategy of an enterprise and the packaging strategy interaction
    • Figure 5. Recycling options for packaging
    • Table 1. Comparative characteristics of the packaging criteria in the classical and social and ethical marketing concepts