Increasing resource efficiency in the industrial complex ensuring environmental human rights


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The close relationship between industrial development and environmental pollution is considered the main problem of negative climate changes and the deterioration of life quality leading to an increase in mortality. In this regard, the protection of environmental human rights is of great importance. The paper aims to assess the trends of industrial influence on the human environment and the level of protection of environmental human rights in different countries through reviewing and analysis of the set of relevant studies. The paper brings novelty exploring an array of objectives for protecting human environmental rights in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, implementation of a circular and resource-efficient economy, together with the Industry 4.0 technologies for industrialized countries, including Ukraine. Most studies consider contradictions between the economic and environmental goals of both businesses and the state the main obstacle for the ecologization of industrial production. The economic feasibility of introducing more resource-efficient business models has been proved. The impact of Ukrainian industrial companies on the environment and the state of human environmental rights protection is studied. The results of the study allow stating that the resource and energy inefficiency of industrial technology in the country, as well as the weakness of state institutions in the implementation of reforms for sustainable development, is a fundamental threat to human rights and a healthy life.

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    • Figure 1. Dynamics of final energy consumption and waste generation per unit of industrial value-added in Ukraine, 2007–2018
    • Figure 2. Number of new technological processes implemented in production, 2000–2019
    • Figure 3. Environmental threats among general challenges for Ukrainian industrial complex (according to the poll results)
    • Table 1. Grouping the literature sources by the focus of a study
    • Table 2. Level of energy efficiency in Ukraine and other countries
    • Conceptualization
      Liudmyla Deineko, Olena Tsyplitska, Oleksandr Deineko
    • Methodology
      Liudmyla Deineko, Oleksandr Deineko
    • Project administration
      Liudmyla Deineko, Mykola Sychevskiy
    • Writing – review & editing
      Liudmyla Deineko, Mykola Sychevskiy
    • Supervision
      Mykola Sychevskiy
    • Data curation
      Olena Tsyplitska, Oleksandr Deineko
    • Formal Analysis
      Olena Tsyplitska, Oleksandr Deineko
    • Investigation
      Olena Tsyplitska, Nadiia Grebeniuk, Oleksandr Deineko
    • Validation
      Olena Tsyplitska, Nadiia Grebeniuk
    • Visualization
      Olena Tsyplitska, Oleksandr Deineko
    • Writing – original draft
      Olena Tsyplitska, Nadiia Grebeniuk, Oleksandr Deineko