Customer perspective on dynamic marketing capability in international hotels of Indonesia during Covid-19: Confirmatory factor analysis

  • Received June 1, 2021;
    Accepted August 4, 2021;
    Published August 16, 2021
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    Volume 17 2021, Issue #3, pp. 74-87
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The objective of this study was to validate three independent variables, namely market sensing, learning, targeting and positioning, as to dimensions of dynamic marketing capability (DMC). By developing a theoretical framework, this study demonstrates the importance of three dimensions of DMC. This study collected 530 valid samples through an online questionnaire survey in major cities in Indonesia. Respondents are Indonesian citizens aged over 15 years who have stayed at three to five-star international hotels in Indonesia during the Covid-19 period in 2020. This study used a combination of Smart-PLS and SPSS to examine the outer model and inner model. The outcome of this study demonstrated that market sensing had a significant effect on DMC. Then, market learning also had a significant effect on DMC. Next, market targeting and positioning had a significant effect on DMC from the perspective of the customer in international hotels in Indonesia. The outcome of this study is to support the development of a conceptual framework and conduct an empirical evaluation of the relationship between market sensing, market learning, market targeting and positioning, which are DMC dimensions in global marketing. In general, this study contributes to the international hotel industry in developing the marketing area in the context of DMC.

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    • Figure A1. Outer model
    • Table 1. Description of the sample
    • Table 2. Measurement model
    • Table 3. CMB and CMV
    • Table 4. Predictive relevance
    • Table 5. Hypothesis testing
    • Table A1. Construct reliability and validity
    • Table A2. Outer loadings
    • Table A3. Common method variance
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