Factors affecting usage of mobile payments by youth in Kazakhstan

  • Received July 26, 2021;
    Accepted December 9, 2021;
    Published December 13, 2021
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    Volume 17 2021, Issue #4, pp. 103-110
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Mobile payments are developing at a rapid pace in the modern world, affecting most areas of business, economics, and consumer life. Mobile payment services in Kazakhstan have emerged recently driven mostly by young and tech-savvy consumers. The current study applies the modified Technology Adoption Model to investigate the factors that influence the usage of mobile payments by young consumers in Kazakhstan. The data were collected from 351 respondents through an online survey using a structured questionnaire. The results of the multiple regression analysis revealed that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, transaction security, and trust are important determinants of mobile payment usage intention. These findings call for improvements in the technological development of mobile payment services to deliver usefulness, ease of use, and security, as well as marketing communications to build trust. On the other hand, no support was found for the effects of usage cost and availability of alternatives on behavioral intention to use mobile payments in Kazakhstan.

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    • Table 1. Sample characteristics (n = 351)
    • Table 2. Constructs, items, loadings, and reliability measures
    • Table 3. Hypotheses testing
    • Table 4. Mean comparison for constructs
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