Crowdsourcing capabilities: fueling new products? How firm size and business type matter


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Crowdsourcing has emerged as a valuable tool for organizations seeking to access external knowledge and resources for their innovation processes. This study aims to investigate crowdsourcing capabilities in the context of new product development initiatives, with a focus on exploring the moderating effects of firm size and type. Structural Equation Modeling using Partial Least Squares (SEM-PLS) is used to analyze both the measurement and structural models, with data drawn from 217 owners and managers of diverse businesses in Indonesia. These businesses range from small to medium-scale enterprises across various types, including cafes, restaurants, fashion, culinary, and furniture. The findings reveal a positive and significant impact of crowdsourcing capabilities on new product development initiatives (β = 0.746, p = 0.000). Moreover, the relationship between crowdsourcing and new product development is moderated by firm size (whether small or medium) (β = 0.103, p = 0.045) and the type of business (β = 0.157, p = 0.012). The outcomes of this study are anticipated to enrich the body of knowledge and provide valuable guidance for enterprises seeking to harness crowdsourcing in their new product development processes, with specific factors like firm size and type taken into account.

This study was supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, and Technology Research in 2022: Research Grant Scheme “PDUPT”No. 124/LL1/LT/K/2022.

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    • Table 1. Construct items and loadings
    • Table 2. CA, CR, convergent validity
    • Table 3. Discriminant validity using the Fornell-Larcker criterion
    • Table 4. Discriminant validity using the Heterotrait-Monotrait Ratio (HTMT)
    • Table 5. Predictive accuracy and relevance
    • Table 6. Structural model
    • Conceptualization
      Muhammad Dharma Tuah Putra Nasution, Yossie Rossanty, Irawan Irawan
    • Formal Analysis
      Muhammad Dharma Tuah Putra Nasution
    • Funding acquisition
      Muhammad Dharma Tuah Putra Nasution, Pipit Buana Sari, Henry Aspan
    • Methodology
      Muhammad Dharma Tuah Putra Nasution
    • Supervision
      Muhammad Dharma Tuah Putra Nasution
    • Writing – review & editing
      Muhammad Dharma Tuah Putra Nasution
    • Data curation
      Pipit Buana Sari, Yossie Rossanty, Irawan Irawan
    • Investigation
      Pipit Buana Sari, Henry Aspan, Yossie Rossanty, Irawan Irawan
    • Project administration
      Pipit Buana Sari
    • Software
      Pipit Buana Sari, Irawan Irawan
    • Validation
      Pipit Buana Sari, Henry Aspan, Irawan Irawan
    • Writing – original draft
      Pipit Buana Sari, Henry Aspan
    • Resources
      Henry Aspan, Yossie Rossanty
    • Visualization
      Yossie Rossanty