Effect of financial leverage on firm growth: empirical evidence from listed firms in Amman stock exchange

  • Received March 13, 2018;
    Accepted May 4, 2018;
    Published May 22, 2018
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    Volume 15 2018, Issue #2, pp. 154-164
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Past studies have mostly investigated the significance of financial attributes in trade affairs of developed countries, while dismissing such importance among developing nations. As such, this study looked into the influence of financial leverage upon the growth of Jordanian firms. For that purpose, a sample of 91 firms from Jordan had been analyzed via panel data regression method for the period between 2006 and 2015. As a result, the findings portrayed the irrelevance between financial leverage and growth of assets, but a significantly positive correlation with the growth of sales and employment. On top of that, this study revealed that growth of sales and employment had been significantly and positively correlated with firm size. In short, this study dismissed the speculation the constraint Jordanian firms were in, but on the contrary, displayed the ability to gain external financing to ascertain successful progress.

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    • Table 1. Descriptive statistics
    • Table 2. Regression analysis