Enterprise financial security as a component of the economic security of the state

  • Received October 31, 2017;
    Accepted May 4, 2018;
    Published June 14, 2018
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    Volume 15 2018, Issue #2, pp. 248-256
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The article deals with problems of economic and financial security ensuring both in companies and state. The Corruption Perceptions Index has been analyzed as one of the most important indicators in this sphere. The following research methods have been used: generalizing theoretical knowledge, comparison method, method of analysis and synthesis, statistical analysis, factual analysis. The authors give their own definitions to such concepts as “security”, “financial security of the enterprise”, “economic security of the enterprise”. There have been also systemized the threats to the economic security of the enterprise, as well as means of its strengthening. The rating of Ukraine according to the Corruption Perceptions Index has been identified. Also, the perspectives of future research have been defined.

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    • Figure 1. Corruption level in various spheres and institutions in Ukraine, 2016
    • Figure 2. Cases of swindling disclosures at Ukrainian enterprises, 2016
    • Figure 3. The factors promoting swindling at Ukrainian enterprises, 2016
    • Table 1. The authors’ approaches to the definition of “security” and relevant terms
    • Table 2. Aspects of the economic and financial security strengthening of the enterprise
    • Table 3. Corruption Perceptions Index, 2017