Self-directed learning and job exploration among Nepalese youth: South Asian perspective


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The study examined the Nepalese youth’s self-directed learning and job-seeking characteristics. It collected primary data from fresh graduates of Nepal’s leading universities to understand self-directed learning motivations and job search behavior. It focused on graduates enrolled in different job preparatory programs to improve their chances of securing employment in 2022. Using a five-point Likert scale, the survey covered general information, self-learning, and job-searching. The purposive sample field survey in Kathmandu Valley from July to December 2022 targeted 500 respondents and yielded 327 completed surveys for analysis. Data analysis shows a substantial correlation between self-directed learning and job-seeking among Nepalese young people (β = 0.877, CR = 18.203, p < 0.01). A substantial positive correlation was identified between self-monitoring, adaptability, and job-seeking activity (β = 0.927, p = 0.000). Likewise, this study found a substantial positive correlation between motivation and job-seeking activity (β = 0.887, p < 0.00), and goal setting and planning have a significant favorable effect on job-seeking behavior (β = 0.445, p < 0.00). Such findings contribute valuable insights into the interplay of self-learning elements and their implications for the job-seeking behavior of young individuals in the Nepalese context. The importance of promoting self-directed learning and emphasizing fundamental attributes has grown significantly as young individuals navigate the dynamic job marketplace and seek assistance in integrating into employment.

The authors would like to express profound gratitude and appreciation to the University Grant Commission (UGC) Nepal for supporting this research (FRG-78/79-Mgmt 02).

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    • Figure 1. Conceptual framework
    • Figure 2. The study model of self-learning on job-searching behavior
    • Table 1. Data screening insights
    • Table 2. Testing hypotheses
    • Conceptualization
      Binod Ghimire, Rewan Kumar Dahal, Rajesh Gurung, Surendra Prasad Joshi
    • Data curation
      Binod Ghimire
    • Funding acquisition
      Binod Ghimire
    • Methodology
      Binod Ghimire, Rajesh Gurung, Surendra Prasad Joshi
    • Validation
      Binod Ghimire, Surendra Prasad Joshi
    • Writing – original draft
      Binod Ghimire, Rajesh Gurung, Surendra Prasad Joshi
    • Writing – review & editing
      Binod Ghimire, Rewan Kumar Dahal, Rajesh Gurung, Surendra Prasad Joshi
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      Rewan Kumar Dahal
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      Rewan Kumar Dahal
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      Rewan Kumar Dahal
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      Rewan Kumar Dahal
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      Rewan Kumar Dahal, Rajesh Gurung