Evaluation of the effectiveness of recruitment for hiring managers


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The issues raised in the article are very relevant, due to the growing costs of recruitment for hiring managers. The object of the article is also important due to need to improve the level of knowledge of recruiters, which unfortunately is still imperfect. As a result of the research, it was discovered that the majority (75%) of recruiters do not have sufficient knowledge about the industry in which they recruit a manager, don’t take into consideration the individual needs of organizations seeking managers with special skills, for instance, in the field of innovation management - the use of modern technologies. The aim of the article is to assess the effectiveness of recruitment for hiring managers. The main attention is paid to methods and tools used by the recruiters, evaluation of recruiter performance, following the subjectivity of the recruiter during the candidate’s assessment, incompatibility of the organization and the candidate in terms of remuneration, length of breaks between individual stages of recruitment and their impact on candidates. The methodology of the study includes analysis of relevant literature, desk research and the research method – anonymous survey.

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    • Table 1. Features of professional recruitment
    • Table 2. Summary of activities undertaken by the recruiter to increase the effectiveness of recruitment
    • Table 3. Barriers that affect the effectiveness of recruitment