Spreading degree assessment of information and communication technologies in Ukraine and its regions

  • Received November 20, 2017;
    Accepted December 26, 2017;
    Published December 26, 2017
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    Volume 1 2017, Issue #1, pp. 29-36
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Achievements of economics of knowledge (EK) on regional and national level are only possible through active application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in production and commercial activity of enterprises. It is on the basis of new technologies used in business that the processes of generation, accumulation, utilization and diffusion of knowledge are accelerated among enterprise personnel and partners, additional opportunities are provided for their economic and intellectual development, and innovation prospects are opened with the development of e-strategies. The purpose of the article is to determine the tendencies concerning ICT application processes in enterprises’ production and commercial activity that favor the formation of economics of knowledge in the country and its regions. The object of the study is the activity of Ukrainian business and the processes of information and communication technologies within it. In order to achieve the stated purpose the methods of integration and grouping of statistical data, and also of generalization and logics, as well as tables and graphic materials are used in the article. Such methods allowed to identify tendencies in the processes of informatization and computer business, personnel attraction to advanced technologies, to use local and wide-scale corporative nets, to apply Internet network and social media for production purposes, to master technical skills by personnel for the sake of the opportunity to spread information and communicative technologies in all kinds of activity of enterprises. Based on the defined tendencies and peculiarities of information and communication technologies, the various measures are proposed in order to increase their application effectiveness to promote the quick formation of economics of knowledge in the country and its regions.

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    • Figure 1 Dynamics analysis of assessment indices of ICT usage at Ukrainian enterprises
    • Figure 2 The basic directions of the ICT influence upon the knowledge-related development of enterprises of regions of Ukraine
    • Table 1 Areas of social media application by Ukrainian enterprises in 2014-2016
    • Table 2 Assessment of processes of electronic commerce usage in production and commercial activity of Ukrainian enterprises in 2016