Factors influencing staff formation processes at industrial enterprises


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One of the most effective instruments for stabilizing Ukrainian national economy might become increasing the level of competitiveness and profitability of enterprises’ industrial and economic activities, especially in the industrial sector. To demonstrate a positive change, it is advisable to create conditions that could facilitate implementing advanced technologies for rational use of all types of resources at the level of an enterprise, with staff being the key resource. That is why tendencies of accumulating human capital and the prospects of its strategic development will depend on the degree of efficiency with which management organizes work on the implementation of staff formation procedures. At the same time, the effectiveness of personnel formation processes is influenced by a significant number of factors, which may be external and internal by nature, which perform transformational impact on all spheres of the enterprise’s activity, and which may bring both positive and negative consequences. At the same time, companies do not always have at their disposal effective tools for adjusting the consequences, and even less often do they have instruments to cope with these effects so as to benefit from them. Therefore, efficiency and promptness of managerial decisions on preventing negative consequences and increasing the positive impact will depend on the degree of thoroughness and aptness with which the indicated factors can be established, which would further facilitate objectivity, rationality and practical feasibility of the strategy adopted by the enterprise.

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    • Figure 1. Internal and external factors influencing the process of staff formation of an industrial enterprise
    • Figure 2. Interrelation of external and internal factors that influence the processes of staff formation at industrial enterprises