The nature of China’s role in development of Africa: the case of Zimbabwe

  • Received December 1, 2016;
    Accepted January 11, 2017;
    Published May 11, 2017
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    Volume 15 2017, Issue #1 (cont.), pp. 237-247
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China’s involvement in Africa has become one of the contentious topics in the development literature. The background of the study is that Sino-African relations can be grouped into two phases thus: past relations and contemporary relations. The two phases are dissimilar, as past relations are categorized by solidarity against imperialism, while contemporary relations are characterized by economic relations. The study uses a historical approach to analyze China’s resurgence into Africa and Zimbabwe, a case study is used to examine the contemporary Sino-African relations. Secondary data were utilized to come to sound conclusion of the study. The study mainly found out that China’s resurgence into Africa presents both negative and positive impacts for Africa and that the negatives need to be regulated in order for African countries to benefit from the relations.

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    • Table 1. Recent bilateral agreements